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​Deaths and infections from HIV, TB and malaria drop globally
​Today, fewer people are dying from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, according to a new, first-of-its-kind analysis of trend data from 188 countries. The pace of decline in deaths and infections has accelerated since 2000

Afghanistan survey shows improvement in mother and child nutrition
Afghanistan’s National Nutrition Survey 2013, released on July 15, has revealed a significant improvement in the nutrition status of women and children over the past decade.

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Whether you belong to the Medical College Class of 1988 or have just graduated from ISMC, you’re always a part of AKU. Catch up with your classmates through our online alumni directory or volunteer through the Alumni Association.​


Our efforts support individual and organisational opportunities for our and our partners' faculty, staff and students - and for the communities where we live and work.​

To know more about our partners and projects, please visit the University Partnership Office website.


A career with AKU means excellent opportunities in an environment driven by inspiration and high expectations. You get the distinct opportunity to be part of a community affecting the lives of some of the best and brightest students. ​

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AKU is planning large-scale developments on its campuses and teaching sites in Pakistan, Afghanistan and East Africa. 

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