University Leadership

University Leadership

Over the course of the past 26 years, Aga Khan University has not only flourished but has also become a valued and trusted partner of governments, international agencies and other universities who share our strong belief inthe potential of human capital, ingenuity and enterprise to build communities and improve lives.

At every level of our administration and faculty, we are deeply committed to the development of human potential through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge. Each day, we seek to embolden people of the developing world to guide their own destinies and to contribute to the global community.

AKU was established to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Year after year, we continue to draw upon various cultures to teach critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. Ultimately, it is the powerful force of pluralism that promotes intellectual openness, tolerance and increased understanding between people of different societies.

Over the years we have established a growing reputation for our problem-based research and for the quality and innovation of our programmes. But ​perhaps most importantly, we continue to achieve our goal of being an agent of change in the developing world.​