Overview of IIP

Overview of International Internship Programme

In the last decade, the internationalisation of higher education has become a major driver of knowledge economies around the globe. Universities recognise that more and more of an international dimension to their programmes is essential in remaining competitive, accessible and diverse. This could occur through an international constituency, including faculty and a student body, or establishing a programmatic or physical presence in more than one country through a campus or satellite campus, or focusing on personal, institutional and international partnerships with other institutions to ensure an international dimension.

Since its inception, Aga Khan University (AKU) has established many partnerships and linkages with various academic institutions, many of which have contributed to AKU's growth and current development.  As the University internationalises, some broader questions have begun to appear on the University's internationalisation agenda, including AKU's role and process for internationalisation, the mobility and exchange of students, faculty and staff both at AKU and internationally, AKU's growing international partnerships and its contribution to these, especially with partners from the West and AKU becoming a niche in the developing world and its competitive advantages.

In discussions with our academic partners in various parts of the world, it is evident that AKU can respond to a new and growing niche of universities located in North America and Europe who are moving towards establishing a strong internationalisation dimension to their programmes. This often translates to wanting access to new academic environments and students, partnerships with institutions in the developing world, sending students and faculty for internships, research programmes, etc. Within this framework, AKU is well placed to provide access to learning opportunities in the developing world in a structured and formal manner.  AKU operates in nine countries and has eleven teaching sites which offer a range of programmes in diverse, cultural and geographic settings.  Additionally, AKU, as part of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), offers a range of services, opportunities and experiences.

AKU's International Internship Programme (IIP) seeks to formalise these opportunities and recognise AKU and AKDN as a significant partner in the developing world, of local relevance, access, impact and quality. This unique programme will cater to two different tracks. They include students coming to AKU for an internship programme (teaching, research or service); and/or students coming to AKU as part of their institution's cooperative work programme, with AKU as the employer.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in eight-month long positions at AKU in its various locations.

If you are interested in applying as a potential intern, please refer to the Student Information section. We look forward to everyone's participation in this monumental programme.

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