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As a private, autonomous university, AKU works with communities and philanthropists in Asia, East Africa, North America and United Kingdom to maintain world-class education and health programmes. Our donors become partners as they support our efforts to improve quality of life in developing parts of the world. 

Some of our most important programmes - student financial assistance, patient welfare, research and service delivery - have been made possible because of the generosity and support of donors.

Look at all that your gift can accomplish!

Inspiring Student Success

“There are some professors in AKU I idealise. Set aside reaching their level, if I become half as good a doctor as these people are, I think I have lived my life”

​​A fifth year medical student, Hussain Nawaz’s tribute to his professors is touching…but so is his own life story. The eldest of four siblings, Hussain lost his father when he was four years old.

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Creating New Knowledge​

 “Working in Pakistan where I could make a big difference just made much more sense. Also, I had a great institution, AKU, to come home to”

Dr Anita Zaidi, previous Chair of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at Aga Khan University has demonstrated how field research can result in practical, low-cost, life saving solutions.

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Partnerships for Care

 “One in every five of the patients we interviewed had a family member or close friend who had died within the last year due to a lack of access to medical care”

A recent report by a humanitarian organization, Medicins Sans Frontiers, describes the horrors of war that face patients seeking healthcare in Afghanistan.

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